Staying Safe Online

At Dearham we work hard with the children to educate them about staying safe online. We understand that technology fuels the world today, and the Internet and devices that can access it are a big part of that.

We know that children are more engaged online than they’ve ever been. Ownership of smart devices is increasing and the range of content they are viewing is expanding. In an ever-changing world, ensuring pupils’ online safety has never been more important.

We explore online safety through computing and PSH lessons. We share links for parents about online safety and keep our training up to date to ensure our children know how to use the internet safely. We try to keep parents up to date with the latest developments in any apps/games that their children may be
playing via emails and posts on the school’s Facebook page.
At Dearham School we want the children to leave us in year 6 understanding how amazing modern technology is and how it can enhance both learning and their lives but also have a deep understanding of how to use it responsibly and safely to get the best out of it.