First-Day Calling Procedure for Absence 

It is preferable for children to attend school for every session. There are, however, times when children have to miss school because of illness.

On these occasions, please inform school of absences either by telephone or by sending a note prior to 9 a.m. It is helpful to inform school of Dental/Medical appointments prior to the visit.

If a child is absent from school without reason the School Receptionist will contact home.

Please note if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they must remain off school for 48 hours AFTER their last bout.

Any request for absence for reasons other than ill health, should be sent well in advance and permission sought.

Attendance policy

Attendance is vital for children not only for their education, but also for their social development. We aim for 97% attendance.

Weekly texts are sent out to celebrate excellent attendance and prompt attendance which causes a concern.

Attendance Policy